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About Us

Since 2010, the owners of Fabulous Freddy’s Beauty Supply Boutique have been providing knowledge, advice and top-ranked ethnic hair and skin products to customers in the Queens, New York community. Fabulous Freddy’s is not simply a brick-n-mortar beauty location, it’s a place where we serve the community. Women from various backgrounds, with diverse lives, stop in for their daily dose of beauty. 


Meet the Owner - Janice Fredericks


At the young age of 24, Janice cashed in her retirement accounts and forged ahead with a dream of opening Fabulous Freddys. Having walked away from her corporate job to pursue a career that involves serving the community through beauty, Janice is now delighted to share her personal story daily with customers and patrons.
“It gives me great pride and pleasure to assist women, to empower women, and to restore a woman’s confidence in her.” Fabulous Freddys has become that outlet.


( Haitian Orphanage 2015)

Spend with a cause! A portion of profits from Fabulous Freddys goes to sponsor World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization that is dedicated to working with children from third world countries.

Janice Fredericks is now a registered and trained volunteer for New York Cares organization. There you will find her extending her service to her surrounding community. 

The beauty category is the fastest growing industry for black, female entrepreneurs. As one of the many women taking advantage of opportunities in this category, Janice Fredericks of Fabulous Freddy’s Beauty Supply Boutique has plans to break barriers while inspiring other entrepreneurial spirits to do the same. Beauty is more than hair products and cosmetics in Janice Fredericks’s world. For this entrepreneur, the beauty industry has been her golden opportunity to defy the odds and empower women of color while stimulating the economy in her local community.